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Several ways of showing support us are listed below, in order of how important they are to us most important first.

Remind yourself that you’re fallible

Do it frequently.  Laugh at yourself often.  Remember that the person you thought was a fool yesterday might teach you something tomorrow. Remember to be kind, because everyone’s fighting a hard battle. Examine your beliefs, your motives, and how you come across to others.  Next time, stop yourself before deciding that what you’ve heard is ridiculous and cries out for rebuttal; force yourself, instead, to ask what you might be able to learn from it.  Prediction: the more often you do any of this, the happier you’ll be.

Help us spread our message

Tell others about this website.  If you’re on social media, you likely know better than we do how you can help.  “Like,” “share” and “pin” us as much as you can without becoming a social recluse glued to your digital device all day.  (If that’s a risk for you, then stand on a  busy street corner, take a breath of air, and just start telling total strangers about the site face to face.)

Join our Discussion Forum

WMBW tried hosting our own Discussion Forum as an experiment; but had to shut it down when it was overrun by robots.  But you can join the WeMayBeWrong group on Facebook, where we invite you to engage in dialogue on the internet in a non-threatening atmosphere, free of insult, sarcasm, and general ugliness. See if you can help prove the possibility of civil discourse on controversial subjects yes, even on politics and religion…

Let us hear from you

We’d love to hear from you. We’d especially appreciate references to other materials you might be willing to share books, cartoons, films, quotations, websites, articles which relate to our mission and objectives. If we like them, we’ll happily credit you and include links to them on our website.

And (of course) we’d like to know if we’re doing anything wrong!  (After all, we probably are.)

You can leave a comment or suggestion by clicking on the “Comment” link next to any of our recent Thoughts and Opinions posts, or you can send an e-mail to

Submit an article to appear on our “Thoughts and Opinions” page.

WMBW would like to publish short original pieces that relate to our mission.  See our Guest Bloggers page.

Do NOT send money

WMBW is not looking for your money.  We are not looking to make a profit and we’re sure not interested in paying taxes. Nor are we a Sec. 501(c)(3) organization.  So good news! we are not accepting donations.  We feel sure (though we could be wrong) that you have better things to spend your money on.

Just help us spread our message, and get yourself on our mailing list!

We appreciate your support!