Guest Bloggers

Do you have something to say, on the subject of being wrong?  Do you have an original article you’d like to see appear on our site, for which you own the copyright?

If so, we would be delighted to consider publishing your written submission as a Guest Blogger.  Preferably, your submission will be between 500 and 2000 words in length.  It should be e-mailed to

One word of caution before you send us that beautifully written piece that gently and masterfully crushes those who disagree with your passions.  Our “Thoughts and Opinions” page is not a discussion forum for advancing one’s passionate convictions in diatribes about politics, religion, etc.   We are primarily looking to publish thoughts and opinions on the subject of fallibility, humility, civility and what it means to be open-minded. We’re interested in illuminating, provocative thoughts about the capacity for human error, the prevalence of it, the reasons for it, the benefits of admitting it, etc.  After two years on the web, we’ve decided we might also publish opinions about the substance of controversial issues if they are written respectfully, in a spirit of sharing but also desiring to learn from those who disagree.

So, before you send an article for publication, please consider the following guidelines:

“We Wear Three Hats”

If you’re considering a piece to submit, you should know that we wear at least three hats.  It might help you to know in advance what they are.

1) A “Niche” Editor.  Our Niche editor wants to publish pieces that fit squarely within the niche WMBW would like to be known for: i.e., material centered around our tagline of “fallibility, humility, civility.”  This editor doesn’t want stories about baseball, high fashion, or vitriolic pieces about partisan politics; this editor insists on limiting what we post to the sort of materials described on the “About Us” page.  A submission may touch on baseball, high fashion, or partisan politics, but the Niche editor’s job is to be sure a piece is consistent with our interest in humility and civility..

2) A “Writing” Editor, whose concern is with effective writing.  This editor wants to be sure that pieces appearing on WMBW are enjoyable to read and likely to make a thoughtful point in a way that is clear, effective, and if possible, even powerful.  (This editor may well have once been your high school English teacher.)

3) A “Peacemaker” Editor. Our Peacemaker editor is focused on the fact that WMBW seeks to build a following among people of diverse opinions and beliefs.  The Peacemaker doesn’t want WMBW, as a whole, to appear to favor one point of view over another (for example, by posting mostly blogs by conservatives rather than liberals, or Democrats rather than Republicans.)   The Peacemaker is also concerned that, regardless of an author’s point of view, individual pieces do not cause offense or raise hackles.   Realistically, he/she believes it’s impossible to eliminate all possibility of causing offense, but thinks that the writing of a piece can and should be handled so as to minimize the likelihood of causing such offense.  Accordingly, he/she focuses most on controversial subjects where we’re likeliest to trigger other people’s hot buttons.  He/she believes that subjects like politics, religion, global warming, gun control, and any of the “rights” issues (right to life, women’s rights, gun rights, animal rights, GLBT rights, civil rights) are where people in America today are likeliest to have those hot buttons. The Peacemaker Editor thinks in terms of avoiding profanity that may offend, of avoiding sexist or racist language that may offend, and of avoiding any treatment of an issue that might sound condescending or preachy to the “other side” of such an issue.  He/she believes that, with help from the Writer Editor, most points can be made as effectively without causing such offense.  (On second thought, strike that.  Since the purpose of all our communications is to reach across the divide between people in order to have a positive impact on others, a piece is almost certain to be more effective if it is stripped of phrasing likely to offend the very people the author is trying to reach.)

If you’re interested in submitting something that might satisfy those three editors, please send it to, and we’ll give serious consideration to publishing it.  (Sorry we can’t pay you, but we can always link back to your own website or blog.)