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Not only may we be wrong, in our case we’re clearly ignorant, especially about social media and various sorts of feeds.  So we ask your indulgence if what follows makes no sense to you.  We believe there are several ways to follow us:

Subscribe to WMBW through Specific Feeds

Use the Subscription Option in the lower right hand corner of our About Us page to get on our mailing list. By leaving your e-mail address, you will receive occasional e-mail notifications of new posts on our News, Thoughts and Opinions page.  You will also be letting us know of your interest, enabling us to contact you via e-mail.  (It has been gratifying to know that we’re not posting to an empty room, and to see our subscription list grow.)  We’ll never share your e-mail address with anyone, and we won’t abuse it ourselves.  (In our first seven months of operation, we have never used our subscription list to send e-mails for any reason other than notifications of new posts to the website.  There have been twenty-four such posts in our first seven months – meaning less than one e-mail notice per week for those who subscribe.) Meanwhile, Specific Feeds offers a great way to manage all your news, feeds and notifications in one place, with a lot of options for how and when you want to receive them.

Follow WMBW through RSS

Frankly, we haven’t yet figured out how the RSS option works, but we understand it provides a way to follow us without giving us an e-mail address.

Follow WMBW on Facebook.
  1. There is a We May Be Wrong page on Facebook.  Go to the page to find our posts, and sign on to follow that page.
  2. There is a We May Be Wrong discussion group in Facebook.  It’s a public group, and you’re invited to join it.
  3. We thought there was a way to have our new posts fed automatically to your Facebook page, but now we’re not so sure! (Please let us know if you know how. :-))