Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     Is WMBW an organization of wishy-washy weaklings who don’t have the courage to stand up and fight for what they believe? 

A:     We don’t think so.  We have strong passions and beliefs, and some of us work hard to bring our dreams to reality.  We simply believe we’re not infallible and that it helps to acknowledge that we may be wrong.

Q:      Isn’t it rather arrogant to hold yourselves out as humble and open-minded?

A:     We agree that it would be arrogant to do that.  We don’t believe we’re humble or open-minded.  Quite the opposite:  we’re saying we’re concerned about our tendency to be arrogant and close-minded — and that’s why it’s important to strive to keep our fallibility always in mind.

Q:    Is a contribution to WMBW tax deductible?

A:     No, thank you!  We current have no budget and do not accept contributions.  We are not about money.

Q:     Is WMBW somehow a front for some other hidden agenda?

A:     Not if we can help it.  Because our Thoughts and Opinions are written by people who hold passionate beliefs, their writings may, incidentally, make those points of view evident.  But we will not publish articles whose point is the propagation or validity of those views.  We hope, over time, to be as diverse as we can, and to favor no particular cause, apart from that of keeping our fallibility in mind, encouraging efforts at humility and civility, and striving to attain genuine open-mindedness.

Q:     Isn’t it obvious to everyone that we’re not infallible?  What does WMBW add to what everybody already knows?

A:     Great question.  We’ve all heard people say, in angry debate, “I know that I’m right!” We’ve all heard people call someone else an “idiot” because that person didn’t agree with them.  And while most people would acknowledge, in their calm and thoughtful moments, a purely theoretical possibility of being wrong, we believe that such acknowledgements are often forgotten as soon as they’re made.  We believe that the benefits of acknowledging one’s fallibility are wholly realized only by trying to keep one’s fallibility in mind, especially during times of discourse and debate on subjects we’re passionate about.

Q: Does WMBW stand for the proposition that all beliefs are equally valid?

A: No.  Our founding members may differ about what Absolute Truth means, or even whether it exists, but none of us believe that all beliefs are equally valid.  The majority probably believe that some beliefs are true, and others false — or at least that some beliefs are more true than others.  But the common belief that brings us together in WMBW is the belief that, if we’re right that we’re fallible, then none of us can be absolutely certain which of our beliefs may be the mistaken ones.  We don’t see anything about that recognition of fallibility which translates into “all beliefs are equal.”

Q: How can I be notified of news regarding We May Be Wrong, and how do I know when new posts have been added to the Thoughts and Opinions page?

A: There is now a place to subscribe at the end of the right sidebar on every page.  You can also get on our mailing list by clicking on the little gray “Follow” button that appears among the social icons throughout the site. (We won’t share your e-mail address with anyone — promise!)