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I think we’re up and running!

Hello, friends.

I’ve spent the last several days in WordPress, trying to get a feel for how to build a basic website.  I think I may have finally settled on an appropriate WordPress “theme.”  Once I did that, day before yesterday, other aspects of the site seem to be falling into place more easily.

So — knock on wood — I think I may be ready to start inviting you to check out the website, and I may even be ready to start posting real (rather than test) materials.  I imagine it will be some time before I have the ability to start adding extra features and plugins.  But at least I think that the currrent content — basic as it is — seems to be working properly, and seems to be worth keeping.  So, hopefully, instead of scrapping and starting from scratch every few hours, I can actually start to build upon what’s here now.

And THAT, my friends, is a very good feeling!


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