After feeling profoundly embarrassed for our country since election day, I am feeling thankful today. First, for the fact that much of the Earth is still green and the sky still blue; second, for my family and friends; and last, for the privilege of living in a country where most elected officials graciously submit to rule by those they disagree with.

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3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. 75 years old, many elections in my life,never seen one quite like the last two! First a non lawyer, non military person gets elected and almost all of my friends went into mourning,instead of respecting the office or the man they spent the last 4 years overturning the last election,what a waste of time and money ,the press never gave Him a chance the house likewise ,
    Revenge and anger solve nothing ,however the courts are changed and,some of the radical laws have been struck down ,
    The left will now show us how to do it right, with an old man 47 years in office and the hi lights of his career were prison reforms and failure to save our cities
    I will back joe because he is the president,I might not agree but I will wait to see before I go crazy and “scream he’s not my President,because he is! good luck joe and a special good luck to Jill Biden I used to babysit her and her sisters, her dad and mom the best !I wish the ticket had her on top

  2. I’m not sure who got elected. Looks like the Supreme Court will decide. I’m thankful for December 14th, come what may.

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