Sweatshirt Photo

Now you can judge for yourselves.

My last post recounted our domestic controversy about the color of my wife’s sweatshirt. It all began when I made a casual comment that, based on our “matching” sneakers, sweatpants, and sweatshirts, she and I were dressed alike. When she replied that my sweatshirt was gray and hers was green, I readily acknowledged that the match was not exact, and I’ll now happily submit to a judgment that Karen’s is sand, or tan, or mushroom, or any other label that simply proves I was wrong ever to think of it as being “gray” like mine.

But admitting I’m wrong is one thing. Admitting my spouse is right? That’s far, far harder. Can I manage it? Well.. NO! I’ll DIE before I call it green!!!

Still, with so much controversy, I thought it only fair to post a photograph 0f the two. My gray shirt is on the right. Karen’s shirt — call it what you will — is on the left.

P.S. If anyone else says its green, I’ll — I’ll — well, I guess I’ll just have to count it as one more proof that there’s no such thing as objective reality.

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2 thoughts on “Sweatshirt Photo”

  1. Karens sweatshirt is green. Your sweatshirt is blue. Sorry dude! Stick with the wood carving and lawyering and you will be fine. Oh yeah, dont take the brown acid.

  2. If the sweatshirt on the right is gray, the one on the left is certainly “other”. But take the photo to Sherman Williams, and they will scan it, match both colors, and give you the pigment values of the components.
    I’m pretty sure that the shirts aren’t the only thing that has faded over time.

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