To a New Year

Several people have mentioned it’s been a while since the last WMBW post.

As it happens, I’ve written a number of things with WMBW in mind, but none have seemed worthy of posting.  You have a zillion things to digest.  I don’t want to add spam to your in=basket — especially not when the only point is that, whatever I might say,  I may be wrong.

Sure, I do remain in awe of how little I know.  Of how vast is the universe of what I don’t.  Of how presumptuous I’d be to expect anyone to read what I’ve written.  But precisely for that reason, my sentences remain on my hard drive, in unsent files.  And for precisely that reason, all that emerges, like a seedling from a crack in the pavement underfoot, is my wish that in the New Year to come,  I learn as much about myself, my world, and about the people around me,  as I can.

That, my friends, is all I think worth saying — and that I wish the same for all of us.




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One thought on “To a New Year”

  1. Why are there only two choices? There is right or wrong correct? I guess to what degree I suppose. What if there is a third choice…
    What if there is another tree…
    Perhaps there is planted in the same garden just waiting to be discovered…

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