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Several people have reported they’ve been to the WMBW website and can’t find any place to subscribe to the Thoughts and Opinions posts, or to be put on the mailing list.

One interested reader went so far as to insist that the website did not even offer a way to subscribe.  (When we told him he was definitely, unmistakably, absolutely wrong, and called him an idiot, he accused us of hypocrisy — imagine that? 🙂  Just kidding.)

Seriously, for anyone who has missed the websites explanations for how to get on the mailing list, the answer is to click on the round, gray “Follow” icon, which takes you to a screen provided by (where you can enter the e-mail address where you would like to receive notifications.)

This round, gray “Follow” icon appears (along with other social media icons) at the end of every post on the Thoughts and Opinions page (including this one).  It also appears (along with the other social media icons) in the middle of the screen (quite prominently) once you have been on the website for sixty seconds.  (We thought it a little rude to throw an invitation to Follow us in the middle of the screen before a first-time visitor had even had a chance to look over the home page; if they left the website before sixty seconds was up, odds seemed small they’d want to follow us anyway.  Also, since the same icons appear at the end of every post, and by subscribing, what a visitor is really doing is asking to be notified of more posts, we figured having that option placed at the end of every post made sense.)

FYI, WMBW selected to provide out mailing list plug-in because:

  • we understand that a third-party provider would help prevent robotic subscribers
  • they appear serious about protecting subscribers’ e-mail addresses, and
  • they allow subscribers several options on how to be receive WMBW news and notifications
  • they were free

That said, we’re really just giving them a try, and if you have complaints or suggestions regarding our subscription process, we’ll love to hear from you.

(And again, we’ll never share our mailing list with anyone.)


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  1. I may be wrong, but it wasn’t working off David Carvin’s last night and so I have doubts as I write this now so’ll keep it short (as short as Ramblin’ Bob can keep ‘er short).

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